Apparently the WTO has decided that the US is a “sucker nation.”

I have recently come across information that the WTO is allowing Antigua to infringe on US-based copyrights.  (The information has been around a while.  I just didn’t run across it until recently.)  They cite as “justification” a claim that the US is being “discriminatory” by not allowing foreign online casinos — when they don’t allow domestic online casinos either.  Now, to me, it makes sense to prohibit online gambling.  There is just no way to regulate an online casino to make sure it is not “loading the dice,” so to speak.

Antigua complained that it was being deprived of one way of treating Americans as suckers and asked for an alternate method to do the same thing.  Obviously, they couldn’t ask for any type of trade barrier.  The only thing Antigua imports from the US is money.  So they asked, basically, for the ability to steal outright from Americans.  And the WTO told them to go ahead.


“Just one case”

     Feminists will say that they are tired of hearing about the Duke Lacrosse case.  You know the one.  Several students were nearly expelled because some woman thought it would be fun to lie and say they raped her.  Well, now, a Steubenville case is their go-to case to “prove” there is a “rape culture.”  Yeah, yeah, a defendant is tried and convicted, thus showing that society applauds rape.

     We don’t live in a rape culture.  If we did, the claim would have no impact.  If people openly celebrated rape, telling them as much would get a response of “yeah, so?”  Even the Steubenville case doesn’t really suggest a rape culture.  It suggests, perhaps, a football culture where people will ignore the misdeeds of someone providing them with those wins that they want.  Some people consider winning to be more important than rape.  Of course, some people consider winning to be more important than murder.  It doesn’t mean we live in a “murder culture.”

     If the police were to say they had “more important things to do” than catch rapists, that would suggest a rape culture.  If rape were to be legalized, that would really suggest a rape culture.  Showing that there are “special” people that others are reluctant to prosecute does not suggest a rape culture.

Feminist or Poe? You decide.

     The link is here.

     This is someone who, if not a Poe, advocates jailing and castrating innocent men on the whims of women.  She pays a little lip-service to “that a few innocent men will be punished, and this is quite unfortunate.”  But the reality that goal of such a policy can only be the willful conviction of many innocent men.  It is pure evil.

I have said before that feminism is not really about equality.

     I give another link to demonstrate my assertion.  The author of the video talks about the relative lack of women in positions of political power.  She completely ignores the lack of women in prison, among the homeless, as road construction workers, as sewer workers, or as coal miners.  There are far more people in each of those categories than there are people in political power.  Feminists say they want equality.  But they are very selective about where they want that equality.

     I left a comment on the video explaining that this is why people (including myself) decide we don’t need feminism.  In typical feminist fashion, she deleted the comment.  After all, people might look at my comment and think “that’s right, feminism does ignore all those men in unprestigious positions.  Someone selling a lie will try to restrict what is seen so that as few people as possible will notice that it is a lie.

     Feminism is like a cult.  It tries to lure you in by claiming it is about good things.  After all, most people wouldn’t be opposed to equal rights for men and women.  But if you pay closer attention, you see they are not about that at all.  Some will slip up and say “equal rights for women.”  It’s important.  They don’t want men to have the same rights.  They want all women elevated to the level of the highest man.  And the other men can just suffer.

The “rape culture” myth

     A lot of people, mostly feminists, will tell you that we live in a “rape culture.”  This, of course, is nonsense.  We don’t build statues to rapists.  We send them to jail for the rest of their lives.  Society holds rape as so heinous that even being accused is enough to ruin a man’s life.  An innocent man who is lucky enough to prove his innocence is still ruined.

     So how do people come up with “rape culture”?  Well, on this blog, a different fantasy (pictured in fiction) was played up as “rape culture.”  That fantasy is one of abdication of personal responsibility.  These are books written by women, for women, that portray women being “forced” to have sex with characters they want to have sex with, but that they don’t want to be responsible for their desires.  Please note that the character is never an unattractive, out of work, “creep.”  There is a reason for this.  The works are not playing up rape.  They are playing up not being responsible.

A comment I posted on a blog

The blogpost is here.

Censorship is practiced in varying degrees by governments, organizations, and individuals. Governments tend to practice censorship the most only because they have the most power to do so. Media outlets, too, often practice censorship. They broadcast their opinion and often silence dissent. It is a matter of degree and often determined by the level of power.

Many people these days have blogs. I ask any people listening who run blogs: Do you moderate comments? If so, you are censoring. Do you block people who disagree with you because yours is not an “open forum.” The only difference between people who do that and governments is the level of power to do so. When/If you block an opposing view, you are ensuring that members of your audience hear what you have to say and do not hear someone’s dissent. How significant that is depends on the size of your audience.

Now, many people who censor like to call their censorship “activism.” It sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it? There are all kinds of euphemisms — and all kinds of excuses. The fact is that, if you make someone not be heard, you have censored them.

Now, one can argue that certain types of censorship are benign. And to a degree that is the case. When you only allow your children to see G-rated movies, you are, in fact, censoring what they see. But, presumably, when they are older, they will be exposed to other things. But that is not the danger of censorship. The danger comes in disallowing a point of view in the name of creating a “safe space.” Those who want a space “safe” from certain beliefs are the most oppressive people imaginable, limited only by their ability to make their desires a reality.

There are many groups that censor. There are many groups that do not like opposing views to be heard. I, personally, encounter feminists and christians who do that more than any other group. Other people’s experiences may differ.

Unsurprisingly, the blog author (who tries to say that feminists do not censor) is censoring comments through moderation.  I realize that WordPress default is to moderate comments.  I do not believe (given comments already there) that she is unaware of the settings or just hasn’t figured out how to change them.  If you have reason to believe I am wrong in that respect, by all means, tell me.

I do not expect the comment to be approved.  My experience is that feminism loves censorship.  More importantly, I found the post after it had been up three months.  No dissenting comment appears.  But they ridicule those who might dissent.

My thoughts on Snowden

     He is an American Hero.  He basically gave up his livelihood in order to inform us of the misdeeds perpetrated by the government.  Unsurprisingly, government officials are not very happy about that.  They want to kill him as an example to anyone else who might consider blowing the whistle on the government.