Feminists try to tell me that the ones fire alarms to stop presentations are just “extremists.”

     I don’t believe them.  I think they have the full support of the movement.  And I’ll tell you why.  Never do you see any feminist site actually objecting to the tactic.  No encouragement for feminists to “get back on track.”  No statements that this is doing the cause more harm than good.  What happens is that, when some anti-feminist points out such actions, they tell us not to judge feminism by a few “extremists.”  Well, I don’t think that they are extremists — not if all the other feminists are quietly saying “you go, girl,” not when the groups that do this at universities are regularly organized by the “women’s studies” instructor.

     Feminists should not be telling me that they don’t support this.  They should be telling the people who do this, that they don’t support it.  And they don’t.  They never raise any objections.  I really can only conclude that they do support this, especially when they turn around and ask “what do men’s rights activists have to talk about anyway?”  They don’t see a problem with the action.  The only point where they see a problem is when people start to view feminism in a negative light.


2 thoughts on “Feminists try to tell me that the ones fire alarms to stop presentations are just “extremists.”

  1. Was talking about you today in FB, about a past comment you made that helped me so much. Just reminiscing about the good times I had with you. I miss your company.


    “The filter is that even before any “test,” all possible outcomes can be classified as “confirm” or “inconclusive.” As evidence I point out that it is heralded as a great discovery when they find a fossil for which they are looking. What would be the corresponding negative data. The only potential negative data for that would be to find nothing. But that’s not taken as negative data. It’s “inconclusive” due to fossilization being rare. Whether deliberate or incidental, a filter is a filter.
    I regard it more as a sacred belief than an organized conspiracy. The people in the scientific community hold the idea so dear that it biases their judgement. They accept the excuses for why nothing can possibly count as negative data. They sheild their belief unconsciously.”

    I have to give that agnostic Pvblivs the credit to get that ball rolling in my studying this point.]

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