Feminists, “misogyny,” and crying wolf

     When feminists are caught in a lie, and someone has shown that their claims are just not true, their go-to tactic is to call that person a “misogynist.”  This has been an effective tactic for some time.  A feminist falsely calls someone a misogynist; and that person will simply shut up.  Or, if he doesn’t shut up, people will shun him.  Our society is so intolerant of misogyny that the mere accusation of it, even when false, has severe effects.

     But feminists have overused that tactic.  People are starting to see that their charges of “misogyny” are lies.  People aren’t simply shutting up when the false charge is levied.  And some people aren’t simply shunning the person thus accused.  More and more people are beginning to realize that feminists lie.  There is a reason why feminists moderate their comments, when they allow them at all.  They want to prevent people from hearing anything that might cause them to realize that feminists’ claims are phony.



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