I haven’t been posting in a while

     Two months from the looks of it.  I suppose the biggest reason is that I really haven’t had anything new to say.  I was repeating myself.  So, for a while, I got bored.  I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  It’s not like anyone is actually listening.  This just gives me a chance to talk.

     Anyway, I would like to talk about an inconvenient fact for feminism.  Many women oppose feminism.  If feminist dogma were true, there shouldn’t be any.  According to feminist dogma, all women are systematically oppressed with feminism as the only force against that oppression.  According to the dogma, there are no advantages for any woman or group of women in interfering with feminism and thus nothing would serve as an ulterior motive to cause some women to oppose feminism.  Also according to the dogma, women are innately superior intellectually and would see that there was no reason to oppose feminism.  So, if feminists’ claims were accurate, no women would oppose feminism.  And yet they are not hard to find.

     There are two main reasons why some women oppose feminism.  (Any given female anti-feminist might only have one of the reasons apply.)  One reason is that they may see that feminism unjustly harms men.  Another is that they may see that women have had a pretty sweet deal throughout history and that feminism is “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.”  I don’t really care why someone opposes feminism.  The opposition is what is important.


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