Apparently the WTO has decided that the US is a “sucker nation.”

I have recently come across information that the WTO is allowing Antigua to infringe on US-based copyrights.  (The information has been around a while.  I just didn’t run across it until recently.)  They cite as “justification” a claim that the US is being “discriminatory” by not allowing foreign online casinos — when they don’t allow domestic online casinos either.  Now, to me, it makes sense to prohibit online gambling.  There is just no way to regulate an online casino to make sure it is not “loading the dice,” so to speak.

Antigua complained that it was being deprived of one way of treating Americans as suckers and asked for an alternate method to do the same thing.  Obviously, they couldn’t ask for any type of trade barrier.  The only thing Antigua imports from the US is money.  So they asked, basically, for the ability to steal outright from Americans.  And the WTO told them to go ahead.