“Just one case”

     Feminists will say that they are tired of hearing about the Duke Lacrosse case.  You know the one.  Several students were nearly expelled because some woman thought it would be fun to lie and say they raped her.  Well, now, a Steubenville case is their go-to case to “prove” there is a “rape culture.”  Yeah, yeah, a defendant is tried and convicted, thus showing that society applauds rape.

     We don’t live in a rape culture.  If we did, the claim would have no impact.  If people openly celebrated rape, telling them as much would get a response of “yeah, so?”  Even the Steubenville case doesn’t really suggest a rape culture.  It suggests, perhaps, a football culture where people will ignore the misdeeds of someone providing them with those wins that they want.  Some people consider winning to be more important than rape.  Of course, some people consider winning to be more important than murder.  It doesn’t mean we live in a “murder culture.”

     If the police were to say they had “more important things to do” than catch rapists, that would suggest a rape culture.  If rape were to be legalized, that would really suggest a rape culture.  Showing that there are “special” people that others are reluctant to prosecute does not suggest a rape culture.


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