I have said before that feminism is not really about equality.

     I give another link to demonstrate my assertion.  The author of the video talks about the relative lack of women in positions of political power.  She completely ignores the lack of women in prison, among the homeless, as road construction workers, as sewer workers, or as coal miners.  There are far more people in each of those categories than there are people in political power.  Feminists say they want equality.  But they are very selective about where they want that equality.

     I left a comment on the video explaining that this is why people (including myself) decide we don’t need feminism.  In typical feminist fashion, she deleted the comment.  After all, people might look at my comment and think “that’s right, feminism does ignore all those men in unprestigious positions.  Someone selling a lie will try to restrict what is seen so that as few people as possible will notice that it is a lie.

     Feminism is like a cult.  It tries to lure you in by claiming it is about good things.  After all, most people wouldn’t be opposed to equal rights for men and women.  But if you pay closer attention, you see they are not about that at all.  Some will slip up and say “equal rights for women.”  It’s important.  They don’t want men to have the same rights.  They want all women elevated to the level of the highest man.  And the other men can just suffer.


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