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The blogpost is here.

Censorship is practiced in varying degrees by governments, organizations, and individuals. Governments tend to practice censorship the most only because they have the most power to do so. Media outlets, too, often practice censorship. They broadcast their opinion and often silence dissent. It is a matter of degree and often determined by the level of power.

Many people these days have blogs. I ask any people listening who run blogs: Do you moderate comments? If so, you are censoring. Do you block people who disagree with you because yours is not an “open forum.” The only difference between people who do that and governments is the level of power to do so. When/If you block an opposing view, you are ensuring that members of your audience hear what you have to say and do not hear someone’s dissent. How significant that is depends on the size of your audience.

Now, many people who censor like to call their censorship “activism.” It sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it? There are all kinds of euphemisms — and all kinds of excuses. The fact is that, if you make someone not be heard, you have censored them.

Now, one can argue that certain types of censorship are benign. And to a degree that is the case. When you only allow your children to see G-rated movies, you are, in fact, censoring what they see. But, presumably, when they are older, they will be exposed to other things. But that is not the danger of censorship. The danger comes in disallowing a point of view in the name of creating a “safe space.” Those who want a space “safe” from certain beliefs are the most oppressive people imaginable, limited only by their ability to make their desires a reality.

There are many groups that censor. There are many groups that do not like opposing views to be heard. I, personally, encounter feminists and christians who do that more than any other group. Other people’s experiences may differ.

Unsurprisingly, the blog author (who tries to say that feminists do not censor) is censoring comments through moderation.  I realize that WordPress default is to moderate comments.  I do not believe (given comments already there) that she is unaware of the settings or just hasn’t figured out how to change them.  If you have reason to believe I am wrong in that respect, by all means, tell me.

I do not expect the comment to be approved.  My experience is that feminism loves censorship.  More importantly, I found the post after it had been up three months.  No dissenting comment appears.  But they ridicule those who might dissent.


One thought on “A comment I posted on a blog

  1. Er Pvblivs
    “There are many groups that do not like opposing views to be heard.I,personally encounter feminists and christians who do that more than any other group.
    One of us is is reading that comment wrong!

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