Really, this could be any dogma.

     Someone on YouTube blocked me, finding me inconvenient.  Here is the closing comment with the bits specific to the dogma removed:

You are totally ignorant of the nature of [dogma specific.]  [Major tenet of dogma with no support given], and you have shown no understanding of this fact. Instead you prefer to spout [dogma specific] all over this comment section, without making a single objective statement regarding your ideological views. You are therefore philosophically ignorant or reverting to deception.

Good job I’ve already blocked you. You have no interest in expanding your horizon. You are merely here to lecture self-righteously.


     Now, as the three of you that follow my blog know, I don’t think there are very many good reasons for blocking someone as I oppose censorship.  I support blocking threats and advocacy of harm.  I have also been known to block people who block me — although some might think that is petty.  But this person simply finds that facts are inconvenient.  And this person proceeds to use the primary tactic of the dogmatist, blocking the inconvenient dissenter.


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