There have been some blog posts going around about “signs feminism may not be for you.”

     In reality, there is only one sign.  If you believe that men are human beings and deserve human rights, feminism is not for you.  It’s as simple as that.  Feminists see men as “undesirables,” “unpeople,” and “resources to be exploited.”

     Feminism has enjoyed some very good publicity.  Publicity it does not deserve.  Many people buy into the lie that “feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”  The reality is that feminism is the notion that only women are people.  Most people recognize that women are people.  But more and more are also recognizing feminism for the sham that it is.

     Feminists will claim that women make 42% of what men earn for the same work.  (The figure varies with the telling.)  While that would certainly be deplorable if it were true, the claim does not hold water.  Any examination of the actions of businesses will reveal that they will do anything to save a buck.  They will dump waste in rivers rather than pay for appropriate treatment and storage.  They will send jobs overseas where slave-labor is available.  They will hire desperate undocumented immigrants so that they can pay less than minimum wage.  If they could really pay women less than men, they would only hire women.

     In rape cases, feminists will regard any consideration that the (male) accused might be innocent to be “victim blaming” and “misogyny.”  But the fact is that men do get wrongly accused and even wrongly convicted.  But feminists insist that the accuser should get the benefit of the doubt and that an accusation should be as good as a conviction.

     Feminists will say that feminism is good for men too.  But the fact is that it is not.  If you look at what feminism actually does, what it fights for, you will find that feminism thinks that men exist only to breed, labor, serve, and die.


Something that irks me — “acceptable targets”

     Most people have heard of the famous writing by Martin Niemoller that begins “First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.”  But you may have heard it differently — especially if (like me) you live in the US.  Sources in the US (especially the right-wing ones) tend to leave out the part about communists and start with socialists.

     Many people consider communists an “acceptable target.”  Niemoller himself did at one time.  He was an anti-communist and so didn’t think much of it when their rights were violated.  He learned a hard lesson.  Today, in the US we see the same beginnings.  They are coming for the communists.  But maybe you don’t speak out because — you’re not a communist.  And people don’t like that reminder.  So they skip that part.

     There must never be any “acceptable targets.”  I don’t care what you think about communism or any other political philosophy.  When we accept the violation of human rights for anyone we invite such violation on ourselves.  Perhaps I can’t do much.  But this is me — speaking out.