On the fundie christian front

     Dan seems to have given up on his blog.  He hasn’t posted anything for a month and a half.  Even at that, on a blog he created “to debunk atheists,” he was reduced to such blatant lies as saying “you already believe.”  As near as I can tell, no one was buying his merchandise or donating to his bank account.  So, it looks like he is gone.  But, who knows, he may be back;

     Norman is back after an extended absence.  I think he was grounded from using the computer.  And he is saying that UFOs are really demons  Naturally, he only cites dubious christian sources.

     I think it’s cute the way he keeps trying to convince his readers that he is an adult.  He talks about using a typewriter to write letters.  (His grandfather must have told him about typewriters.)  In actual practice, letters were written with pen and paper.  A typewriter is useful for copying and cleaning up something that is already written down.  But when composing a letter, it simply breaks your train of thought.

     I think he is trying to give the impression that when he was in school, computers were not yet available.  But they were.  They were available when I was in school.  They were prohibitively expensive.  But the schools had them.  It’s where I first developed an interest in what computers can do.

     Now, here’s something of some interest about that time.  The instructors stressed that a lowercase ‘l’ could not be used as a substitute for the number ‘1’ on the computer.  It would cause confused results or errors.  I expect Norman will not be able to figure out why they stressed that point.


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