A response I made surrounding the Meg Lanker-Simons issue

     The link is here.

First, the comment I responded to.  (You will be able to see it at the link.)

She won’t be going to court on May 13 because she filed a written ‘not guilty’ plea, that means that the arraignment, set for May 13 will be vacated and her case will be set for a scheduling conference, maybe a month out.
The courts in Laramie don’t hold trials the first day someone comes to court, there’s a whole process. If the case proceeds to a trial it probably wouldn’t be until late Summer/ Fall.
Until then, she’s presumed innocent of the charge of interference and I think we’d all do well to remember that.

Next, my response.  You won’t see that.  After a week the moderators still haven’t approved it.

Let me ask you one question. When a man is accused of rape, and his name, photograph, and the charges are plastered all over the news for months, how well do you remember that accusations are not convictions and that he is presumed innocent?

I think she manufactured a fictitious threat. But then, I think that is a standard operating procedure within feminism. It plays quite well. People “come to the rescue.” But the rate at which feminists claim to be threatened or harassed strains credibility.

That said, she is presumed innocent under the law. But I am not on her jury. And I am not bound by the constraint. I can presume that she is guilty. Fortunately for her, my belief in her guilt will not ruin her life.

     She created fake threats that could well have landed some poor sap in jail for the rest of his life.  And she did it to convince people that there was a “rape culture.”  I am convinced that she is guilty because, if there was any way to portray her as the victim with the evidence found, the local officials would have done just that.

     So what can we take from this.  First off, “rape culture” is not real.  If it were, no one would need to fabricate threats.  Also, the only concern I have seen from feminists about this is that it might hurt their cause.  Not a passing thought is given to the fact that these sorts of things ruin men’s lives.  I have yet to see one feminist denounce this because it could have resulted in an innocent man going to jail.



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