On MRAs being “from another planet.”

     Here is another feminist blogpost.

     The main post is about the venue cancellation for “Radfem” and even seems to be an attempt at distancing themselves from it.  But this is the part I noticed:

     “The so-called MRAs appear to be living on a different planet: a planet in which women have so successfully seized control that men and boys are now a downtrodden, [marginalized[ group. It isn’t really within the scope of this article to [criticize] their position, but a beautiful piece that does so can be found here.”

     The following is my response:

     In the world I live in, if a man is a victim of domestic violence, he is still the one arrested. If a woman decides to make a false accusation of rape (say for giggles) her identity is shielded, whereas the man she accuses has his life ruined even if he is lucky enough to prove his innocence. Most people will remember only the accusation (front page of all the papers) and assume it’s true. In divorce, the wife gets everything automatically (except the bill, which goes to the husband.) She doesn’t even need a reason to file for divorce. That’s what “no fault” was created for.

     The fact is that it is the planet Earth on which the typical man is marginalized. It is this planet on which men have no *inherent* value. Women are deemed valuable automatically. Men have to “earn” value through great achievements. And most don’t make it. Instead, they’re considered to be ATMs

     I am anti-feminist because I see feminism’s claim that it is about equality to be a lie. Feminism is about female supremacy. It is quite plain why you do not want to give opponents “a platform.” I, on the other hand, want you to be heard. I want you to be recognized for what you are, outside of your echo chamber.



     I don’t expect her to approve my response.  After all, she doesn’t want to give a platform to opposing points of view.  It’s not nearly as effective as using strawmen.


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