My thoughts on MGTOW

     They want to avoid marriage and relationships.  That’s fine.  In today’s society, in which a woman can file “no fault” divorce and take 90 percent or more of everything the husband has or ever will have, marriage is a losing proposition for men.  Some even go so far as to want to have nothing to do with any women in any capacity.  I think that is unwise.  But I will get back to that later.

     Some people are trying to ridicule those who op out of marriage saying that they are “betas” and probably wouldn’t have children of their own anyway.  But really, that’s the point.  They already know this.  They know that they would get burned in divorce court and spend the rest of their lives paying for the children of other people.  Opting out of that scam sounds very sensible to me.  And society is pretty much built on the backs of “betas.”  I don’t blame anyone for deciding he doesn’t want to be a sucker anymore.

     But feminists are not going to want to let their cash cow go.  Sooner or later, they are going to push for laws to make marriage mandatory.  They will not want “opting out” to be an option.  In order to keep from being burned again, they are going to need the majority of the population that marriage should not be forced on men who don’t want it and that bachelorhood should not be punished.  And this is where I think having nothing to do with women is unwise.  In order for society to continue to recognize that bachelorhood is no crime, there have to be women on board.  If all women were to support mandatory marriage and a few male politicians played along for something that they would get out of it, it would be out of the frying pan and into the fire.

     Ultimately, this needs to be about recognizing the humanity of men.  And there are women who will recognize that humanity.  Not every woman has a marriage and a divorce planned out.  Opting out of marriage is fine, and even a good idea.  Opting out of politics is suicide.


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