Another feminist blog entry

     The blog entry is here.

     I made the following response:

Peter Clarke:

     They have posted videos of these feminist activities — activities which include such actions as blocking entryways and pulling fire alarms (both illegal.) This looks to me to be more an effort to expose these groups for what they are. But, of course, feminists have no problems when they post pictures, names, addresses, and places of employment of those people feminists consider “enemies.”


     MRAs do not categorically blame women. They categorically blame feminists. There is quite a difference. Most women are not feminists. Now, MRAs certainly say that feminism encourages women to do things like gold-digging. But they do not accuse all women.

     I do not expect it to be posted.  As is common on feminist sites, comment moderation is enabled so that the site owner can ensure that no “inconvenient” comments are ever seen.

     At any rate, she is deceptive.  MRAs do not hate women.  They are not too fond of feminists.  But since feminists seem to think that males are less than human, that is not too surprising.  And she states other falsehoods.  What I would like to point out to my readers is that, while she claims that she has found hundreds of sites that are blatantly misogynist, she doesn’t provide a link to a single one.  You have to take her word for it.


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