I would like to point you to a feminist article.

     The article is here.

     The article claims to be the story of an MRA who converted to feminism.  I think it reads very much the same as those “atheists” who “converted to christianity.”  That is, I am not impressed.  The blog owner managed to get the comments arranged in a way that she liked and then closed comments.  If experience is any guide, they were heavily moderated before she closed them anyway.  Anything that might persuade a reader that the “conversion” was utter hogwash was, of course, removed.

     If you want to know what MRAs believe, go to an MRA site.  Don’t go to a feminist site to “tell you what they really believe.”  Even if you think the MRAs are lying about their beliefs, it’s best to check their words and their actions first.  I will admit that I think feminists lie about their beliefs.  But I point you at actual feminist sites.  When I say what I think they believe and what I think they are trying to hide, their own sites are my evidence.  Now maybe some of you won’t agree with me.  And that’s okay.  But I ask you to note that the blog owner takes care not to give any actual MRA site any publicity.


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