I found this interesting.

     The “patriarchy” has always been a result of women’s choice in mate. The predominately straight white male at the top of the Royal Class is endorsed by the internalized misogyny of the matriarchy. The result is what I call the “lion” effect.

     The Lion appears to be a patriarchy where the male simply eats and reproduces with multiple partners. It sounds like, and would be every males fantasy… if you only look at the head of the pride.

     In reality… it is an exaggerated model of misandry at work because 7 out 10 male lions don’t live to the age of puberty. Of the remaining 3, One is head of the pride, and entitled to reproduce. One is occasionally allowed to be a “beta” whose only reward is to remain with the pride basically as a childless assistant. The last survivor is driven out of the pride at the approach of puberty and usually ends up either a lone hunter, or finds another exiled team mate to hunt with.

     This effect is softened by society in humans. We have one of the best male survival rates for any species, yet this natural misandry is still the law of the jungle.

     A male lion at the head of a pride must constantly defend his territory from younger males. His future is to be deposed as king and end up a slowly starving to death. With 1% of the male population using the entirety of society to eliminate their younger and stronger competition, misandry is simply a good tactic to keep power.




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