Norman is complaining about “libel and hate speech” on Facebook.

     First off, if he has an account, I am sure there is libel and hate speech on Facebook.  He exudes libel and hate speech.  He has his made-up term “atheopath” that has no purpose except to be hate speech.  Norman’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.  His only interest is controlling other people.

     He also goes on to brag that he got someone’s account at WordPress shut down.  I don’t know if his story has any truth to it.  I can imaging him filing a false take-down notice.  Indeed, GirlWritesWhat on YouTube was also the victim of a false take-down notice (since retracted.)  And TOS or not, any victim on WordPress who may have been subject to a fraudulent account closing probably has a very good case against them.  If his story is remotely true, Norman may get a lot of attention from WordPress that he didn’t want.


One thought on “Norman is complaining about “libel and hate speech” on Facebook.

  1. Norman:

         Regardless of what handle you use, your comments are not allowed here. However, you state that you did not invent the term “atheopath.” Fine, you give links to other hateful christian sites. You were the only person I saw use the term. It is not unreasonable for me to conclude that you invented it. At any rate, it remains that the purpose for the term is hateful and only hateful people call people by that term.

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