I only recently saw an article about this.

     It appears that they are developing technology that will be able to superimpose knowledge on a mind.  It’s like something out of a science-fiction story.  And I think we all know what story I am talking about — Profession by Isaac Asimov.  Oh, come on.  You weren’t thinking of some Hollywood film, were you?  They haven’t come up with anything original in the last forty years.

     At any rate, the main concern that the articles mention is that something like this might be used on someone without his knowledge or consent.  While that is certainly a valid concern, it is not my greatest worry.  Enough people will find the idea objectionable that regulations will very likely prevent such types of abuse (except possibly by the government.)  What I think is more worrying is that there may be an overdependence on such means.  Let’s face it.  Normal learning is both tedious and time-consuming.  Sometimes it can be enjoyable too.  But that only masks the tedium.  It doesn’t eliminate it.

People are likely to rely too much on “easy learning.”  But, clearly any such knowledge gained must have been developed beforehand.  We may well lose a lot of creativity and innovation.


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