Some people think we don’t need unions anymore.

     I disagree.  Major companies don’t like unions because they prevent the “race to the bottom.”  Without unions, minimum wage would go away.  You could work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week and get $5 for that week.  Do you think major companies want to keep worker protections?  They lobby hard to get rid of them.  They know that your typical worker is far too busy to go to Washington himself.  And paying a lobbyist is out of the question.  Union dues help pay for worker advocates.  Otherwise, all the Congressmen will hear is how the companies “can be trusted to regulate themselves.”

     Let’s face it.  The reason why companies like China so much is because their workers are starving.  And they stay that way even with a job.  They just starve a little slower.  They don’t get enough to eat.


4 thoughts on “Some people think we don’t need unions anymore.

  1.      “Still not allowing comments?”
         Incorrect, WordPress seems to have decided that you are a spambot. There is not much I can co outside of approving your comments as a actually see them.
         “There is a Howard Huge difference between private unions, where a private company is railroading and taking advantage of the workers. Valid. And public service, governmental, unions that hold the public hostage so the floor cleaners can get six figure salaries”
         Perhaps. But the people I generally see saying we don’t need unions anymore are talking about the unions that represent workers at private companies. For example: Many people blamed the union when it finally refused to let Hostess impose another pay cut on the bakers while giving the executives huge bonuses. I am definitely talking about the unions that represent workers at private companies, which have become nearly impotent.

  2. Hostess failed because people are trying to get healthier. We, as parents, are buying organic and juicing veggies more. We’re not buying into failing our children anymore. THAT is the reason for their demise.

    The only one’s blaming the unions are Fox news and their neo-con cronies.

    Who wants envelope glue and a hair gel / rocket fuel chemical (Ingredients in a twinkie), for our children anyway? Not for my kids. The FREE Market works, the customers have spoken.

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