I found this rather amusing

     “What he said reminded me of many christians. They do not care about truth, accuracy, integrity, the rights of others;or even obeying the law. (For that matter, these types not only oppose free speech, but oppose your right to think for yourself if you disagree with them.) No, they want to be childish and attack people and “excite their base”. Then they get praise from other weak-minded fundamentalists for their ridicule.

     “But they;will not;get attention from people who matter.

     “Some of them keep using that word (libel). It does not mean what they think it does. It’s amazing how some people who cannot comprehend basic logic somehow consider themselves experts in law. Even if I did libel a fundamentalist troll, he would have to show how he was damaged; his own history would be brought forward and hilarity would ensue.”

     I do not include a source because the whole post doesn’t serve any purpose other than amusement.  But I got a kick out of it, and thought I would quote it.



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