Misandry is no myth.

     I originally posted the following as a comment on someone else’s blog.  But it stand alone quite nicely.

     In today’s society (here in the west) women are not held down. In fact, they are given special advantage. Most violence is against men.. But officials are contemplating a “violence against women act” because the only violence they care about is that against women. A woman can be attacking a man with a knife or a gun. And that’s considered okay. But if he dares to defend himself, he goes straight to jail. Most college graduates are women. Many times, less is expected of them to get their grades and their degrees. But somehow it’s “not enough.” Is the mere fact that some males are still allowed to attend college “oppressing women”?
     Our society has always placed women’s needs drives, interests, and safety above those of men. Look at the discussion on “reproductive rights.” People insist that a woman needs “choices” if she decides she doesn’t want to handle the financial burden of being a mother. As for the man (you did know that there were two people involved, right?) it “too bad; he made his choice when he decided to have sex.” Workplace deaths are over 90 percent male and the only concern is how to protect women from the problem.
     Misandry is hard for people to see because it is so prevalent. You don’t notice anything unusual. It’s just the way it is. It’s the water the fish swim in. Misogyny exists. But it is easily recognized because it is so out of the norm. Racism in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s wasn’t recognized as such. It was just the norm. We see that racism clearly today because it is no longer the norm. We do not see misandry because it is so prevalent. We don’t even think about it.


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