Most people in this country celebrate christmas this time of year.

     A few people celebrate other holidays, which is the primary reason why a lot of people and businesses will say “happy holidays.”  Unsurprisingly, there are several hateful christians who strenuously object to this.  (To those who might be confused, I do not say that all christians are hateful.  Indeed, many are not.  But there are those who are.  And they denounce the saying of “happy holidays” and are quite adamant about putting the “christ” back in “christmas.”)  At any rate, they want to restore a devotion to Jesus that was never really there.  That’s right.  It was never there.

     The Roman catholic church noticed that villagers celebrated holidays by various names around the time of the hibernal solstice.  As they wanted to ease the conversion to christianity, they invented a christian holiday that they called christmas.  Interestingly, over the course of history, various christian groups have denounced christmas as a catholic heresy.  The puritans banned it.  They said it was unbiblical.  And they were right.  It is unbiblical.  Of course, that doesn’t mean much; but it is true.


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