Hey, look. Norman is still making up sock-puppet “atheist” accounts.

     Okay, for those interested, you can check out stormbringer005.blogspot.com.  Please, don’t go there directly from my site.  I prefer to let him forget I even exist.  

     How do I know he has created a sock puppet?  Why, it’s very simple.  Norman doesn’t like people trying to confirm his stories with someone else.  So he always blurs out the names of those who will not cooperate with his stories.  Or, at the very least, he will blur out a portion of the name so you cannot find the originator.

     Look at his post about the guy who came onto his forum “Question Evolution Project” and called it a waste of his time.  He claims that this fellow made some “attacks.”  But he would have produced them with glee, had they actually existed.  But what I want you to note is that anything that might let you get in touch with the originator of the comment is blurred out   You can’t get a non-Norman perspective.  This is the way he operates.

     Now look at the “atheist” who states that Norman used his admin privilege to ban someone and who “admits” to “stalking” Norman.  Do you see any blurring?  No, he didn’t bother.  He didn’t have to because that’s his own account.  He probably didn’t even think that anyone would put the pieces together.

     If you examine his recent posts, you will find something else amusing.  He says to prove that he was the admin on the particular thread “question evolution project” and did the banning.  Leaving aside the fact that most wrongly accused assert their innocence rather than saying “prove it,” he goes on to admit being the admin in a more recent post.  He shows a screen shot of an administrator post and notes that it is his.  I am only too familiar with the fact that ha will ban anyone who exposes his (rather blatant) lies from any forum he controls.  And he tries to stick to forums he can control that way.


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