Thunderf00t has created a video about Meyers dishonestly banning him from “freethought blogs.”

The video is here.

     I have seen Thunderf00t’s video on the matter and I both understand and do not understand his objection. I understand it in that it is a sensible objection. A site dedicated to “freethought” should not be banning anyone for expressing a point of view. But I do not understand why Thunderf00t is making the objection when he has done the same thing to me. He has pre-emptively banned me from commenting on his videos — apparently because I said something he didn’t like on some other video.

     I do agree that Meyers was wrong, even if (perhaps especially if) he perceived Thunderf00t as belonging in an opposing camp. Rational debate, rational thought, and freethought are things that do not survive in echo chambers. One must accept and even welcome th presentation of dissent. I agree with his objection on that level. But on another level, I see one silencer of dissent complaining that HIS dissent has been silenced.


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