Pz Meyers is dishonest about MRAs.

     Here is a link to his post.  Here is a link to the post that he is lying about.

     I realize that I am making a strong claim by calling Mr. Meyers a liar.  But I can back it up too.  He writes “This guy does nothing. His wife is on non-stop baby duty all day long, while he’s off interacting with adult human beings who do not poop in their pants and expect him to clean them up, and who speak fluently of phenomena more complex than ‘play with me’ and ‘feed me.'”

     The reality is that the man works at home for ten hours at a time, where he is the one with baby duty and his wife goes to her regular job.  Meyers used a quote mine so blatant that it might even embarrass Ray Comfort (eh, probably not.)  He left out entirely, the fact that the man quit his regular job to work freelance at home so that he could be there for his wife and child in their time of need.  But, no, Meyers has to claim that he isn’t even around.

      Now, I will say one thing to Meyers’s credit.  He actually included the link to the original article.  I’m guessing he counts on his followers not to look too closely.  After all, he’s told them all they need to know.  Independent examination would just confuse things.  And he’s got his banhammer ready for anyone who would correct his lies.  He sort of reminds me of Norman.


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