A feminist’s idea of “fair speech.”

     You can see it in her own words here.

     Allow me to present my summary:

     Women are a privileged class and are the only ones permitted to make comments.  The humanity of men is not recognized.  (I am aware that she claims that women are underprivileged.  Her claim is just not supported by reality.  I do not find any similar regular silencing of female voices, telling women they have a “read-only” status.)

     Men will regularly be libeled  both individually and collectively.  No defense of the innocent will be tolerated.

     Dissent is not tolerated.  The blog is intended as an echo chamber and she does not wish to be confronted with facts that expose her for the misandrist she is.



     I realize that there are people who will disagree with my analysis.  That’s okay.  But it is my analysis.  However, I do object in advance to anyone saying I am setting up a strawman.  That is a real blog, run by a real feminist.


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