There is a YouTube channel for “Chapin’s Inferno”

     This particular channel seeks to associate feminism with “all things leftist.”  I, of course, think this is inappropriate.  Separate issues should be kept separate.  I think the best way to defeat feminism is to show it as itself without merit and to deny it the ability to attach itself onto anything else to claim the merit of another topic.

     It seems Chapin’s Inferno feels that conservative positions are largely without merit themselves and that he has a better chance of getting people to hold them by creating false associations between the opposition and genuinely discredited ideas.  He throws around the term “Marxism” a lot.  It’s not that anyone on the “left”  actually supports Marxism.  But if he can get people not to listen to what dissenters have to say, he doesn’t really have to support his positions.


One thought on “There is a YouTube channel for “Chapin’s Inferno”

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