The possibility of an “artificial womb” opens up some interesting possibilities.

     Now, I don’t expect it to become a reality in my lifetime.  But, I expect that it will come to be a reality.  When it does, women who “don’t want to carry a pregnancy” can just shift the burden onto one of the artificial wombs and they don’t have to carry the pregnancy AND they don’t have to kill the child in the process.  We could be looking at an end to the abortion debate.  Both sides can get what they say they want.

     Another interesting thing about this is that a man who wants to be a father would be able to use an egg donor and an artificial womb in the same way that a woman can currently use sperm donors.  Men would no longer have to risk the mother just deciding that she wants to take the baby and 99.5% of the father’s income at some point in the future with the courts acting in full support.  And there is a good chance that men having to pay through the nose for children they don’t even get to see will become a thing of the past.

     A more mundane result will be that couples who want a child when a natural pregnancy would be too risky will be able to take advantage of the “artificial womb” to facilitate their dreams.  The only issue would be expense.

     Now, given all of this, one might reasonably expect that no one would consider this a negative development.  But such people do exist.  She openly dislikes the thought, “reproductive choices of men and women become equal and women lose the primacy now conferred on them as a result of gestation.”  As it currently stands, women have total control.  They can choose to kill the child, they can leave the child at a shelter after birth, or they can keep the child and make the father pay for it (“his choice ended when he decided to have sex.”)  An advance that would equalize the roles of men and women is apparently part of the “war on women.”



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