Oh, this is rich

     Norman came along (pretending to be someone else) to tell me that Norman backs his stuff up.  I am not impressed.  And I have warned Norman that after his shenanigans, his comments would not be allowed to stand.  Also, his language gets a little foul when he pretends to be someone else.


One thought on “Oh, this is rich

  1.      Norman is asking for proof (which he will never accept) that I know he is pretending to be someone else. AND he is trying to say that I am Norman. I have never been Norman. And Norman is the only one who ever made a claim that I was. It is the name that he chose. And it is his. That is one way I can be sure that it is Norman trying to pretend to be someone else.

         He made other slips which revealed to me who he really was. But I am not going to reveal them here. It would only serve to help him construct a more plausible false persona. He may, at some point, be able to trick me into thinking that he is someone else. But I won’t help him do it.

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