About the debates

     I wondered, and still do, if Obama’s first (very poor) debate performance was deliberate.  Consider:  Before that debate, Romney was coming off as a no-chance candidate.  And there was a real likelihood of money being diverted from his campaign to focus on the House and Senate races instead.  Obama could have been looking at the real possibility of winning a second term but facing a hostile Congress — like the one that has been roadblocking anything he proposes to fix the economy and then saying he isn’t doing anything.

     Now, if that performance was strategic, it carried a risk.  Obama may really have given Romney a chance.  That’s not an encouraging thought.  I like having a job and an income.  Romney is known for giving out pink slips.  Granted, I don’t work directly for the government.  But a Romney administration would put people out of work across the nation.  And it doesn’t matter whether you think Romney can handle the economy or not.  That is a result he desires.

     I have heard some people predicting a Romney landslide.  That, of course, is preposterous.  There are so many states that are rigidly for one party or the other, that neither candidate could hope to achieve a landslide.  I will grant 350+ electoral votes as a landslide, in case anyone wants to assert that I am wrong.  I’ve got a previous prediction sitting there that could turn out to be wrong.  At the time, it was safe.


4 thoughts on “About the debates

  1. “When you tell me I have no choice but evil in this election, frankly, you’re declaring the end of elections, of representative self-government, in America. Because, by definition, the word ‘election’ means choice.” ~Tom Hoefling, October 5, 2012

    I just may have found a better party instead of the fraudulent RNC (http://bit.ly/RNCFraud) to get behind as an American. It has it in the name even.


    Look Tom Hoefling up as a good, not evil, choice. Destroy the dominant RNC/DNC puppets. We have to end this CRONY Capitalism!!!! A vote for Tom will send that message.

  2. [Bible verse removed]

    Have you seen this picture? (From this Source) And also Chrysler and GM basically calling Romney a liar about the ads he ran. Not to mention his entire history of him flipping back and fourth like the wind on every issue sacred to, and passionate, for most people.

    So then, with all this fresh on my mind, I get what I believe to be a message from above. It is in a form of a video style that I really enjoy and have posted about before. It leaves me with a bit of anxiety about our future. Really it does. I am actually concerned for all of us. Anyway, please watch this video in light of what I just said above, and you tell me if this is not a very important election. Even if the message of the Bible declares it to come to pass, for it to actually come to fruition on our watch is disturbing. What better, in your face to God moment, can there be then the father of lies to win as a blatant liar?

    The video is called: “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

    [I just decided I am going to make this a post]

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