Some videos by GirlWritesWhat

     I happen to like the videos that I am going to link to.  (And if the green bar is any indication, so do a lot of other people.)  I am not going to embed her videos in my post because I don’t want to consume so much memory and I don’t want to bother with asking for permission to do so.  They are her property, not mine.  But they give some insight into the methodology of feminism — what she and some other people have had to deal with.

     I haven’t had to deal with these sorts of things personally because not a lot of people read my blog.  I’ve thought about the prospect of having very few readers for my blog.  And I think I know why it is.  I am incredibly BORING.  But I’m okay with that.  I’m surprised at some of the views I do get.

     This next one deals more with the attitudes of feminists past and present.



2 thoughts on “Some videos by GirlWritesWhat

  1. Pvb – I don’t think it’s that you’re boring, I think it has more to do with the fact that not many people (when compared to the Internet population on the whole) are interested in social, economic, or political issues. So, it’s more like the issues are boring. For someone who is interested in these things, you’re actually a step up. I’ve disagreed with you in the past (a username I’ve used in the past was “Brazen”) but your comments made me think, and came close to swaying me. It took me awhile to find you again, but here you are!

    Related to the post, I will subscribe and view her videos when I have 20-30 minutes to sit down and pay attention.

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