“Doing their homework”

     Well, it appears that Norman is claiming that “atheists do not do their homework.” I have to say that he is projecting again. The fact is that non-christians (Norman seems to think that anyone who isn’t a christian is an atheist) have “done their homework.” We are quite aware that you *claim* that there is more to your faith than obedience through fear. But when christians try to explain what that “more” is, they only manage to repackage the same old fear-based religion.
     Think about it. While they portray “the sacrifice of the christ” (that’s not a name, by the way) as some sort of grand gesture, it is ruined by the fact that their “god” demands the sacrifice in the first place. It’s just the same old fear in another packaging. The talk of “christian love” is just that, talk. There is no love involved. And I don’t think fundamentalists are even capable of love.


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