Fundamentalist christians are psychopaths.

     I refer to this post, by Dan, which is fairly typical of fundamentalists.  The common thread is that fundamentalists will say that “atheists” do not have a reason to believe that murder, rape, theft, etc. are wrong.  It’s not that “atheists” don’t have reasons.  They do.  But the foundation of those reasons is empathy and compassion.  And these traits are foreign to fundamentalists.  Fundamentalists, being psychopaths, can only understand self-interest.  They don’t care about anybody else.  To them, a reason must rely on an “authority” with a big club to enforce his will.


One thought on “Fundamentalist christians are psychopaths.

  1. Yeah, and he keeps doing that..where he said:

    Dan quoting me:
    Probably due to his OT immoral actions like enforced rape and baby-butchering but that’s another topic…

    With a standard of morality which does not comport with your worldview. Or they’re suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. How are those things “wrong” in an atheistic worldview?

    I reply to that of course, but it’s amazing…every time some idiot says something like that I point out that that really says more about their supposed “morality” than ours, but they just…keep on SAYING it! It doesn’t sing in, ever.

    I find that amazing.

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