Want to know what christian “love” is like?

     Look a this article.  Atheist billboards were taken down due to threats from christians.  The sad fact is that it is not safe to speak openly against christianity.  There are too many christians who think in terms of “Who Would Jesus Murder?”


9 thoughts on “Want to know what christian “love” is like?

  1. “Atheist billboards were taken down due to threats from professing* Christians.” [fixed]

    Your bias is showing. You might want to cover that up in public. :7)

    Why would Christians threaten to break commandment, and restrict the freedoms, our God gave everyone? Does not follow, not does it?

  2. Oh, and some guy named Hunter Lee Logan 19 hours ago just said, “If i found out there was no god, i would be raping every woman in my line of sight, and murdering every rapper. ”

    So yea, some people are just not getting it. Scripture says it will get worse before it get’s better. Some people are missing the parables. Rings Mark 4:10-13 like a gong.

  3. Dan:

         Do you say that the people who flew planes into the twin towers buildings were professing muslims? Or actual muslims? Your “fix” is hollow. Those were true christians.
         The freedoms we enjoy were secured by men, not by any god.

  4. Good question. It depends what their religion says. If it says murder the infidels then yes they were following their religion, if not then not. Same with Christianity, or any religion. You cannot worship 650 gods of India and call yourself Buddhist. Right?

    BTW, Those men that supposed to have secured our freedoms say that it was God who gave us those “inalienable rights”. So your point is moot.

  5. Here’s the thing Dan…about that Hunter Logan guy? He’s just more explicit. Every time I hear some religious apologist go on about how atheists don’t have any real reason to be moral even after I give several such reasons, while the xian says that “god” is the only “objective” source/reason of morality, they are basically admitting the same thing that Logan did: That without god belief they would themselves see no reason to not do those things. Otherwise, why would be reject the atheists reasons to be moral then?

    Something like that.

  6. BTW, Those men that supposed to have secured our freedoms say that it was God who gave us those “inalienable rights”. So your point is moot.
    Wrong Dan…even if they claimed that god gave them those rights, they still had to wrest it from the british in the first place! God did not come down and tell the british to let the americans form their own country now, did they?

    Besides, even if they thought that god was the inspiration for their rights, they were wrong. There are many verses in the bible which support the so-called “divine right of kings”
    ex) Romans 13:1-5, 1 Peter 2:18, as well as that verse that says “render unto cesear the things that are ceasar’s” which directly contradicts one of the motives for the american revolution.

    Sure, there are a lot of verses that go against the biblical right of kings, but that just shows how “flexible” the bible can be on almost any side of many arguments!

    Anyway, The fouhders of the american revolution had to go against several bible verses to get their freedom. You can’t really say that god gave them freedom if they had to defy so much of his “word” to get it.

  7. You misunderstand “Authority”. (http://tinyurl.com/absoluteauthority)

    If a government is exceeding their authority, then God commands us to defy them. The absolute Authority remains. Like the post points out:

    “Moral dilemmas often arise when an absolute from one category appears to clash with an absolute from the other category. When a child is told by her father to lie on the telephone, or, far worse, to submit to his advances, the resulting sense of conflict can be intense. In such cases the human authority must be disobeyed, but this is not an exception or an exemption to an absolute, for the absolute is defined in such a way that obedience is to be rendered only when human commands do not violate clear scriptural prohibitions and instructions.

    God’s moral absolutes never truly conflict, and that all of them are binding in any given situation, with the power of God present for their fulfillment.”

  8. Can you explain which specific part of scripture the British government was breaking that gave the American colonists the right to rebel? We know that when asked about taxation Jesus ordered Pharisees to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, so taxation by a foreign power without representation is in line with scripture. Is there anything British government did that actually goes against scripture?

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