About Norman’s recent post

     It’s cute the way Norman tries to pretend he has a job. He writes, “While listening to the August 12, 2012 podcast of ‘Stand to Reason’ with Greg Koukl, I heard something that I could not only use, but fit in quite will with my intellectual and spiritual development. I was pounding the desk and shouting out, ‘Yeah!’ Then I realized that all my co-workers were staring at me. Then I further realized that my outburst only happened in my mind, so everything was fine.”
     Now, of course, his co-workers were all in his mind. So that part is not surprising. But what he probably doesn’t realize is that someone who surfs the net on company time to listen to podcasts gets fired. When I’m at work, I work. Norman has obviously never worked a day in his life.
     At any rate, he goes on to complain about people using the line “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” But, really, the standard is quite reasonable. If you tell me you watched the sun set, I will probably take you at your word (unless you are a pathological liar like Norman.) If you tell me you saw a dragon swallow up the sun, I will require more evidence. This “rule” about people not just automatically believing you when you say something that sounds impossible is nothing new. But here is a good video, by an atheist, about what type of evidence would convince him. When, I was on Blogger, I did a post on what would convince me.
     “I am all in favor of giving evidence, but it must be in a framework that ‘god’s word’ is true, and in obedience to it.”
     He says that he is in favor of evidence, but reveals that he is not. Before Norman will provide evidence, you must first accept his claims as true. And then, what need is there of evidence?


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