Norman again

     Well, Norman is at it again.  He is talking about “strange searches that showed up on [his] site tracker.”  But he is conveniently leaving out the fact that he is launching his own searches to get his material.  If you check out his site, note the time zone that the searcher is in.  It is UTC – 5 hours.  For those who are interested, UTC is roughly synonymous with GMT.  But the US wanted to use its own equipment rather than the equipment supplied by Greenwich, England.  Interestingly, UTC which stands for Coordinated Universal Time (I smell a government committee) has never been universal.  It is GMT that was adopted as a universal standard, until the US decided they didn’t like using a standard set by someone else.  Okay, where was I?  Oh, yes.  The search was from GMT – 5, Eastern Standard Time.  Norman has previously mentioned that that is where he lives (Michigan if I recall correctly.)

     He talks about how he “thought” that people got the message.  But I know of one person who has a motive for clicking on that link.  And seriously, if anyone was searching for erotic stories, he would not click on the one link that said directly that there were none to be found there.  But someone who was dishonestly using it as an example of stupidity might.  Yeah, the person who clicked on it is stupid.  But that person is Norman.  Really, I don’t think anyone reads Norman’s blog except to laugh at him.


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