I would like to talk about phishing scams.

     I do not understand why they still work!!  How stupid are people?!  I recently got an e-mail pretending to be from my bank (surprisingly they got the bank right this time) claiming that, if I didn’t submit such-and-such information that they were going to turn off my online banking. I DON’T BANK ONLINE!!!!  Sorry, but these things do infuriate me.  Naturally, I forwarded the message to my bank’s fraud department as I thought it might interest them.  I always do this with e-mails that pretend to come from banks.  Most of the time, they pick a bank that I don’t do business with.  Sometimes, they pick a bank I’ve never heard of.  But every bank will tell you that they do not send e-mails like that.  If there are any irregularities, they want you to come in to a physical branch.  Admittedly, that’s a little harder to fake.

     Oh, yes, I got another e-mail on my Hotmail account threatening to close that in 24 hours if I didn’t reply with some personal information.  I forwarded that one on to the Hotmail team.  I haven’t heard back from that one, yet.  My account still works, though.  And it has been several days.  I want the people behind these scams to be in jail with no access to a computer.  But what really frustrates me is that there are still people who fall for it.  I mean, I’m annoyed every time something like this pops into my inbox.  But I don’t make such scams profitable.

     Hey, if you don’t want your money, just give it to me.  I could use it.  And I’m not going to lie to you to get it.  Some people are just too stupid to be allowed near a computer.


Feminists and fundamentalist christians have something in common.

     Oh, I’m sure that neither group thinks itself much like the other.  But they are alike in a very important respect.  Most feminists and most fundamentalist christians screen out dissent.  If they have a blog that would normally allow open discussion through comments, they will be “pending approval” or comments will be disallowed altogether.  Now, I say “most.”  There are exceptions in both instances.  But my observation from personal examination is that those exceptions are very rare.

     These are groups that know they are spinning illusions.  They do not want to take the risk of their followers hearing convincing dissent.  Whenever anyone pre-screens comments so that no one will hear what he does not want them to hear, it indicates that his position is so weak that it cannot stand up to dissent and that he wants to support a lie.  Now, I will note another possibility.  When I first set up my WordPress account,  I did not notice that it defaulted to prescreening.  I don’t know why it defaulted to that.  But I fixed it in a hurry.  But many of the host sites default to the comments being open.  And yet you will still see that comments require approval or are blocked altogether.


     Just yesterday, I learned that about a year ago a man by the name of Thomas James Ball set himself on fire in protest of what he perceived as the unfair treatment given him by feminist-dominated courts.  He believed that that was the only chance of having his perception heard.  I am not in complete agreement with him.  But then, I’m not in complete agreement with anybody.  Still, he has his points.  And the feminist movement was very effective at ensuring that he was still silenced.  If you look the information up, you’ll only find it mentioned on a few blogs and advocacy sites.  It has almost been rendered as though it never happened.  But not quite.

     The PR campaign of feminism claims that it is the “radical idea that women are people.”  It deliberately omits the words that they no doubt speak among themselves when no one else is around, “and men are not.”  I have seen feminism.  It seeks to oppress men.  Historically, of course, men have had some things better and women have had some things better.  And there is valid dispute over where the balance lies.  But there is no question that feminism only wants to remove those inequalities that favor men.  It wishes to keep and to strengthen those inequalities that favor women.