Let’s look at a feminist (Janet Kuypers) in her promotion of her book

The link can be found here.

     “But many scholars have written books for women. And although women play into the role, men are the perpetrators.”

     She starts off by broadbrushing all men as perpetrators — which is not uncommon in the feminist movement.

     “I wanted to write a book for men, but I knew that if I wrote it the way most other books on the issue are written that no man would want to read it. Most men typically become defensive at best when the subject is brought up.”

     It’s not just men.  Most women, also, become defensive when they realize they are being falsely accused.  And that is what she is doing to men.

     “Men don’t want to hear that they are inherently being cruel to an entire sex.”

     Men don’t want to hear that they are cruel monsters just for having been born.  Imagine that.

     “They don’t want to feel as if they have to give when women seem to already be taking too much.”

     Men have already been relegated to the status of second-class citizens (at best.)  No, I can see why they wouldn’t want to give any more.  Does she somehow think that men should be willing slaves?

     “They don’t want to lose their power, the power that is so second-hand to them that this entire culture wouldn’t know what to do if that power was suddenly gone.”

     The typical man has no power.  You can find some elites that have some power.  But most men don’t have any.  If the typical man had (and used) the kind of power that feminists so falsely claim, feminist books would not find their way to the general public.  Feminism thrives precisely because its claimed “patriarchy” is not there to resist it.


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