During my searches…

     During my searches, I have found that the general public started waking up to the fact that misandry is a very real problem about a year ago.  They started.  It is by no means complete.  Feminists immediately took to damage control and thus the lie that “there is no such thing as misandry” was born.  It won’t work.  However long it takes, the end of feminism’s great PR is coming.  People will come to know it for what it is.  I am sure the thought frightens feminists.  They were/are getting a government gravy-train ride with the ability to abuse men on top of it.  Now they look forward to the prospect of having to pay their own way.  They have every reason to want to stall that as long as possible.  Well, feminists called the tune and had their little dance.  Now the piper needs paying.  I’m not paying on their behalf.


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