A common lie used by feminists

     Feminists like to claim that there is no such thing as misandry.  Of course that has all the truth of a similar claim that there is no such thing as misogyny.  Feminists don’t like critical thought.  If people look too closely at the movement, they will see that it is misandristic.  But if feminists can convince people, in advance, to see nothing as misandristic, they avoid a correct judgement.

     Misandry is quite real.  How common it is is open to debate.  But when society is trained to be blind to it, it becomes very prevalent, very fast.  Feminists will say that “it is not a zero-sum game” and that seeking equal rights for women needn’t oppress men.  Well, it doesn’t have to work to oppress men.  But the methods of feminists are to oppress men.  But then, if they weren’t out to oppress men, they would be equalists, not feminists.


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