I would like to talk about phishing scams.

     I do not understand why they still work!!  How stupid are people?!  I recently got an e-mail pretending to be from my bank (surprisingly they got the bank right this time) claiming that, if I didn’t submit such-and-such information that they were going to turn off my online banking. I DON’T BANK ONLINE!!!!  Sorry, but these things do infuriate me.  Naturally, I forwarded the message to my bank’s fraud department as I thought it might interest them.  I always do this with e-mails that pretend to come from banks.  Most of the time, they pick a bank that I don’t do business with.  Sometimes, they pick a bank I’ve never heard of.  But every bank will tell you that they do not send e-mails like that.  If there are any irregularities, they want you to come in to a physical branch.  Admittedly, that’s a little harder to fake.

     Oh, yes, I got another e-mail on my Hotmail account threatening to close that in 24 hours if I didn’t reply with some personal information.  I forwarded that one on to the Hotmail team.  I haven’t heard back from that one, yet.  My account still works, though.  And it has been several days.  I want the people behind these scams to be in jail with no access to a computer.  But what really frustrates me is that there are still people who fall for it.  I mean, I’m annoyed every time something like this pops into my inbox.  But I don’t make such scams profitable.

     Hey, if you don’t want your money, just give it to me.  I could use it.  And I’m not going to lie to you to get it.  Some people are just too stupid to be allowed near a computer.


One thought on “I would like to talk about phishing scams.

  1. You don’t need a bunch of credit cards, SS card, and all your birth info in your purse or wallet at once either, especially now with your smartphone. :7p

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