Feminists and fundamentalist christians have something in common.

     Oh, I’m sure that neither group thinks itself much like the other.  But they are alike in a very important respect.  Most feminists and most fundamentalist christians screen out dissent.  If they have a blog that would normally allow open discussion through comments, they will be “pending approval” or comments will be disallowed altogether.  Now, I say “most.”  There are exceptions in both instances.  But my observation from personal examination is that those exceptions are very rare.

     These are groups that know they are spinning illusions.  They do not want to take the risk of their followers hearing convincing dissent.  Whenever anyone pre-screens comments so that no one will hear what he does not want them to hear, it indicates that his position is so weak that it cannot stand up to dissent and that he wants to support a lie.  Now, I will note another possibility.  When I first set up my WordPress account,  I did not notice that it defaulted to prescreening.  I don’t know why it defaulted to that.  But I fixed it in a hurry.  But many of the host sites default to the comments being open.  And yet you will still see that comments require approval or are blocked altogether.


3 thoughts on “Feminists and fundamentalist christians have something in common.

  1. Now, now, [Pvblivs], you’ve been known to weed out choice comments….and seems to me we did determine you to in fact be male…are you a feminists? 🙂

    I just stopped by to brag on our good buddy [Norman]: http://creation.com/15-questions
    He made it to creation.com! Woo hoo!

    Be sure to check my IP dumpling! [Norman] and I still communicate from time to time and he tells me that you have began a disillusion about he and I being one in the same….you know better!

    PS- I’ve debated about switching my “real” blog to WordPress- too much work- but love the look since I last popped in! Much neater.

    -still hoping you come to know Jesus Christ-
    Miss Sword

  2.      Comments that I have deleted have included advertising, foul language, Dan’s spamming my blog to show that Blogger could mark comments as spam (I left one up indicating intent), threats to my person, and Norman’s comments after he broke his word about allowing me to reply to his viscious libel. Which of these constitute the “choice comments” you say I’ve deleted?
         “he tells me that you have began a disillusion about he and I being one in the same.”
         There’s something you should know about Norman. He lies. The only time it came up, I pointed out that I knew there was a real person (other than Norman) that originated your blog. But I will admit that, before it stopped completely,it looked like you just let that deceiver take over everything.
         “-still hoping you come to know Jesus [the alleged christ]”
         And I’m still hoping you will see christianity for the deception that it is.

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