Alex appears to be suffering from burnout.

     On his blog, he indicates that he is taking a break or retiring.  I’m not sure which; I’m not even sure he’s sure which.  But I hope things go well for him.  But I think his main problems were that he was pushing too hard and that he was trying to get christians to “see the error of their ways.”  This action is futile because fundamentalist christians do not actually listen and they do not really believe what they say.  They are seeking money and/or power for themselves.


4 thoughts on “Alex appears to be suffering from burnout.

  1. True. It looks to be permanent though, unfortunately. Can’t really blame him though

    By the way, notice the new header on Dan’s blog. No goals stated or anything this time.

  2.      Hey, I’m not going to fault Dan for not having any goals stated in the header of his blog. After all, Look at mine. It’s when he lies that it bothers me.

  3. Sure. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with it…just so long of course that he never denies having a goal there in the first place.

    I was just wondering why he changed.

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