Okay, some people have taken to calling for Dan to get “professional help.”

     I do not condone this in any way.  Any such call done out of concern for his well-being would have to come from someone he knows and trusts.  The people making such calls are neither.  What this really is, and how Dan will perceive it, is an attempt to suppress “heretical thought.”  It is important that those who consider themselves freethinkers not try to bind the thinking of others by suppression of heresies.  If, instead, they do, they become just one more dogma holding mankind down.


3 thoughts on “Okay, some people have taken to calling for Dan to get “professional help.”

  1. I condone it.

    Dan isn’t just casually dishonest. He’s rapturously dishonest – and he appears to not perceive it. Whether this is an artifact of blogging or not is a valid question, but Dan puts a lot of effort into misunderstanding the people he talks at.

    I think there’s something wrong with him, and I meant it when I said I feel bad for his kids. He’s not right in the head.

    I’ve stopped short of suggesting that he needs therapy, but that’s not because I think the suggestion shouldn’t be made.

  2.      Well, whether there is something wrong with him or not, neither one of us has a trusted relationship with him. As such, it is not our to tell him to seek such help. I did not vouch for his sanity in my reasoning. I only noted that the call, if it is needed (I don’t know one way or the other) and if it is to be effective, must come from other sources.

  3. As such, it is not our {sic} to tell him to seek such help.

    Sure it is. It’s our duty/right/prerogative (or whatever you meant to write) to tell him whatever is on our minds IRT his blog, the topics he writes about, etc.

    However, you’re right in that we lack a trusted relationship with the douche. This means, for practical reasons, we shouldn’t expect that he’ll listen to our advice.

    Simply put, I don’t see any logical reason against telling him to seek help. I DO think telling him this has the potential of actually doing him some good, though, which is why I condone the behavior you’ve criticized.

    I probably wouldn’t feel the same if we were talking about someone I’ve had less experience with (re. Hezekiah Ahaz, etc), or someone I think is simply being a dickhead (re. Sye).

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