The rules fundamentalist christians follow (part 3)

     Fundamentalist christians have a rule that they must feign humility  This goes along with their “good person test.”  Their good person test is a complete sham.  It asks if you ever told a lie before you knew any better, equates anger with murder, and claims that natural impulses are the same as cheating on your wife (even if you don’t act on them.)  As they know, they could never pass their own rigged “test.”  So they pretend they consider themselves worthless scum.  But really it’s just a game they play amongst themselves.  To call it a paper-thin mask would be to exagerrate its thickness.  If you observe their behavior, you quickly see that fundamentalist christians are remarkably egotistical.  And they handwave any misdeed they do (say gassing 12 million homosexuals) by saying they’re “not perfect, just forgiven.”  While they assert that outsiders have “no basis for morality,” they demonstrate that they take no stock in morality at all.  Strangely, I think of them as they pretend to think of themselves.


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