Norman again

     Norman is again talking about the “illogic of the evil atheists.”  (His blog can be found at  Alex has already done a good post about the current rant.  I would, however, like to note a few things.  Norman never identifies or attributes the “atheist sites” that he says that he is copying from.  I think there is a very simple reason for this.  He creates “mock atheist sites” for this express purpose.  And if anyone were to examine his sources, he would find an absence of non-christian contribution.  He also blurs out names and images when they might identify sources.  I think the same reason applies.  Norman does not allow comments.  He doesn’t want any truth stepping in, however briefly, to ruin his carefully crafted deception.  When he links to anything (like a “reliable news source”) it is always a fundamentalist christian site.  It is quite clear that he wants to avoid anyone doing any independent research.  If anybody finds any non-christian confirmation or criticism, it won’t be because he facilitated the endeavor.


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