Hezekiah’s proposed analysis of my answers to his question.

     “In response to what you said, [the evil spirit under consideration] must be a clown then that he would tell people not to go to hell but send himself to hell.”

     Most people would want to avoid torment.  But one of my proposed answers to his previous question tends to imply that an evil spirit might write a book like the bible to give false instruction for avoiding the torment.  That is to say, it is not unreasonable to suppose that following the advise of the bible will land people in the very torment that they think they are avoiding — assuming that some part of us survives the life we can see.  I think the problem with Hezekiah’s analysis is that he is overlooking the fact that each of the possibilities I outline assume that the writings of the bible aredeceptive.  After all, they are under the assumption that the bible is written by an evil spirit.


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