Dan’s depravity has sunk pretty deep.

     Leaving aside the fact that he is projecting his own love for censorship, limiting, eliminating, and hypocrisy onto Jim, he is now reduced to being deliberately obtuse.  He is fully aware that Sye was using the voices of the actual copyright holders of the “Fundamentally Flawed” podcast to promote his own website and that of “Crown Rights.”  I know he knows this because I saw him trying to defend that as “fair use” on a blogpost which included Sye’s improper upload.  Yet he just says “evidence please.”  Friends, this is fundamentalist christianity.  Every fundamentalist christian I have seen either leaves the religion or decends into blatently obvious dishonesty.  I had hopes that Dan would step away from the brink.  But as we can see, he now embraces deception.


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