A recent article suggests that physical keys will be replaced with electronic keys.

     This has all the earmarks of “did not think this through.”  An important consideration for any such transition is “What can go wrong?”  In this case, one thing that can go wrong is a power outage.  Now, admittedly, they are rare.  But they are annoying as it is.  If the power goes out, then I need to reset the clocks when it comes back on — and hopefully, it wasn’t while I was using the computer.  Now, suppose the lock were electronic.  Then it would mean that I couldn’t get in my front door.  I gotta tell you.  I’m not liking that idea.

     I remember at one temp assignment (such is the nature of work in today’s economy) something went wrong with the system that recognized employee ID badges.  We had to wait for the boss to get there, so she could open the door with her physical key.  Her badge didn’t work either.  Can you imagine the disaster if she didn’t have the manual backup?  I have worked in several facilities that used electronic keys.  They serve a useful purpose.  But I have yet to see a door using an electronic key system, that doesn’t have a physical lock that can be opened with a physical key.

     I’m not a technophobe.  I’m sure some people will have that accusation.  I just think that technology has its place and that it should not be put in a position where it can cause a catastrphic failure.  So, electronic keys can be great for everyday use, as long as there is a backup for when they fail.


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